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Our lab participates in GSO’s Science Saturday. This event is free and open to the public in which labs across campus gather to present their work in a meaningful and understandable way. Each event attracts hundreds of guests from across New England.

Link to video of Science Saturday:

This past year (2022) our lab’s table was called, “Friendly Interface of Quantitative Models”. We taught guests about the meaning of the term model and how our group uses them to quantify the impact of the environment on microscopic organisms that live there and their role in the ecosystem and global ocean.


Additionally, through the GSO Public Engagement Office, G. Armin work as outreach scientists. As an outreach scientist, she goes into classrooms across the state of Rhode Island to teach students about oceanography through lessons and activities created by the student. One program of note is called the MiniBoat program in which she helps build a small boat that houses temperature sensors and a GPS which will be set at sea once constructed. The hope is somewhere across the ocean someone will find the boat and be able to spark important conversations about our ocean in a different community.

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